Some Of The Most Popular Types Of House Additions

No one wants to deal with nuisances like bottlenecks or awkward, tight spaces in their most common gathering places. Or maybe you moved into a home you love but have outgrown over the years, and could really use another bedroom. Luckily, these problems can be solved by house additions.

Additional Bedroom

Adding a new room is a great way to customize your home to your exact needs. If you’re in need of an additional bedroom, you’ve probably got a few options to consider in order to score some extra space in your existing home. Keep in mind that adding a room to a house requires not only a building permit, but also permission from your homeowner’s association if your home is governed by one.


Taking on home additions can be an overwhelming thought process to most homeowners. But this is where we pull together all the pieces and simplify the process. The experience of our award winning design-build home addition contractors excels at balancing the cost and practicality of each unique build.

Bump Out

If you’re not excited about shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a substantial addition to your home, you’re certainly not alone. The cost of adding onto a house can be prohibitive. But if it’s just a small amount of extra space you’re looking for, consider a bump out.

Sometimes called a micro addition, a bump out is typically between two and 15 feet. Any more than that, and you’ll have to pay extra to include support beams and concrete footings, making your bump out more like a conventional house addition.

If such a small addition doesn’t seem worth it at first, consider that 2 or 3 square feet is enough to accommodate a dining room table or add a center island to a cramped kitchen.

Sunroom – Four Season Room

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the comfort of your home when you add a sunroom. These bright, open spaces are typically appended to the back or side of a house and are not temperature controlled by the home’s existing HVAC system. That helps a sunroom be one of the more affordable house additions. Of course, a sunroom can be made into a four-season room by adding heating and cooling.