Time to increase your living space?

In the past year, your home has been transformed from a place to come to, to a place to stay in. Work, school, and even vacations are all occurring under the same roof. The temporary is becoming permanent. So, is it time to consider an addition?

Now, you have an excellent opportunity to create exactly what you want. You already love your home, now create spaces that are comfortable and functional. Add an office space, school area, exercise room, or entertaining area.

Let’s start with office spaces. Anyone who works from home knows how easy it is to become distracted or how embarrassing it is to be in a meeting with a lot of background noise. In considering an office addition, look at places away from high traffic areas, like the kitchen or family room. Garages, porches, attics, and basements could be added to create a private work area.

Many parents understand that children need a school/study space that is quiet and yet supervised. Enlarging a kitchen or family room space can allow for an open-air designated school or homework space to enable parents to monitor activity and children to be productive.

The most common additions are ones that attach to the back of a house. A significant advantage of this type of addition is the ability to connect the home to the yard. These additions can create great spaces to use for relaxation, entertainment, or exercise.

Remember, additions come in all shapes and sizes. You can not only add the existing footprint of your home, but you can build up and out as well, keeping the original footprint but adding space at the same time. Options are available to create the functional spaces you need.