2017’s Hottest Remodeling Trends

I started my business almost 12 years ago and from the beginning said I was going to make a difference. I have hired talented individuals that care about the end product and our customers. I offer them a full benefit package and competitive pay giving them some of the same advantages in life as the clients we serve. However, the disadvantage to me is that my product and service can cost more than my competitors. The clients that value this philosophy benefit in the end with what we call “The Wall To Wall Experience”.

This video sums up the challenges in our industry. The career opportunity has been minimized and as a result so has the quality of the service. We live in a society where we don’t value quality as we once did. We can buy things inexpensively and if it breaks just throw it out and buy another one probably for less. Things have become disposable and so has the way of home improvements. Your home is your biggest asset. My employees are my strongest asset. That is why we put those together to benefit our clients.

Please encourage individuals to explore the trades. There are good businesses out there offering real career opportunities in carpentry, plumbing, electric, Hvac and more!

“Wall To Wall Construction is a quality focused firm, dedicated to exceeding client expectations. A home can be a foundation for family and every day life, and when we enhance that experience it is truly rewarding.”

Greg Wall, President

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