Vinyl Siding Redefined…by CertainTeed

“Vinyl Siding Redefined” is a new, informative brochure dedicated to enlightening consumers and industry professionals about the “real” facts on vinyl siding. It is a must-see for homeowners who might be considering vinyl siding for the first time or to clear up misconceptions about this industry-leading exterior cladding option.

This 8-page, color brochure explains why vinyl siding is the number one cladding product in the U.S. Among other reasons, vinyl siding has the lowest installed costs of any siding and it is the only siding that carries a lifetime warranty. In response to consumer questions about the environmental impact of vinyl siding, the brochure also discusses the reduced scrap rates of a jobsite where vinyl siding is installed, the amount of vinyl that is recycled nationwide, and the zero percent waste achieved at most CertainTeed vinyl and polymer siding manufacturing facilities.

Aesthetic advances like PermaColor™ color retention technology, TrueTexture™ real woodgrain finish, and the nearly endless options of CertainTeed’s color, style and texture combinations are also highlighted.

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